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All content on this blog is created by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Princess Previews is committed to showcasing only high standard products, brands and websites. I do not promote anything that I believe does not meet these standards, and I only promote brands that I myself trust and would purchase from. In essence, if I don’t love it, it will not appear on Princess Previews.

My content may be shared via link. You may also quote me up to 75 words, but if you do so you MUST provide a do-follow link back to my source with full credit to me. Other than this no content may be copied or reproduced without express permission from myself. Anyone hosting my content without my express permission will be asked to remove it.


I may sometimes accept products for free from manufacturers or retailers in return for review. When this happens I will make note of it at the bottom of the review. This does not however alter or sway my opinions in any way. All reviews, whether the product came free or not, are of my own and honest opinion, which is based off my own experiences after testing the product multiple times in various ways.


My blog is affiliated with several companies. These are all companies I feel meet the high standard of my blog and that I would buy from personally. I have links to my affiliates in my side bar, Favourite Stores page and Sales page. I may also include these links in my blog posts, and I will make note of this at the bottom of these posts. These links contain cookies and if you purchase a product on the site after clicking the link then I will receive a percentage commission of your purchase. This will in no way effect how much you pay or harm your computer. You are not obligated in any way to purchase products using these affiliate links, however anything you do spend will go towards supporting my blog and myself.

Sponsored Content

My blog accepts cash in return for sponsored content, whether this be advertisements or blog posts. I will only accept sponsored content from sources I believe meet the high standards of my blog and I would use / buy from personally. Despite this compensation my opinion will not be swayed and will remain truthfully my own. These opinions will be based off my own extensive research into the subject matter. When dealing with sponsored posts I will make note of it at the bottom of the article.


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