Pin Ups Jayne Bombshell Orgasm Balm Watermelon ReviewThe Pin Ups Jayne Bombshell Orgasm Balm comes in a small, lip-gloss resembling tin, and can be used directly on the clitoris or nipples to enhance sensations. The balm, which can also easily be mistaken for regular lip treatment, is flavoured to further increase enjoyment for both you and your lover.

Now, while these sorts of ‘enhancer’ products always intrigue me, I’ve never actually bought or used anything like this before. But, I just simply couldn’t resist the design of this item. I love anything with a vintage pin-up girl on it, and I’ve been feeling a little betrayed lately since last time I used a product (facial mask) featuring a pin up design, I got an allergic reaction to it. I continued using it though, because I just love that stuff so much, until my friends finally convinced me to bin it. Regardless, this is what initially attracted me to this Orgasm Balm, the design, rather than the product itself, but I’m glad to say now that I have it, I love both equally, and it has well and truly restored my trust in pin-up girls. 

I didn’t really know what to expect with this honestly, other than it being flavoured. I’ve tried a few different flavoured things over my time, like lube and condoms, and I do not like them. Anything artificially flavoured doesn’t seem appealing to me at all. But, this product is intended for my partner to be tasting, not me, and since he didn’t seem to mind the idea of it, I happily purchased. I got mine in Watermelon flavour, since that was his preference, but you can also get the product in Chocolate, Mint and Cherry. Each flavour also comes with a different pin-up girl on the front of its tin, which kind of makes me want to collect them all. Unfortunately however, I think my partner now agrees with my negative opinion on flavoured products. While it indeed has a sickly sort of watermelon smell, the product, as tested by both of us, has basically no taste, and thus definitely not watermelon. The worst part isn’t the taste, or lack of, though, but the fact the balm stimulates the tongue the same way it is meant to affect the clitoris and nipples, and after long periods will cause it to go numb. Meaning that if your partner is planning on licking this stuff off of you, their mouth is going to feel hella funky. It’s not really that bad, but it’s not pleasant either. My partner has told me he no longer wishes to lick my nipples while I wear it, which is fair enough and I don’t blame him.

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So, now you know how it tastes, you probably want to know how it actually feels. Well according to retailer Lovehoney’s website, it is meant to intensify stimulation, heighten sensitivity and allow you to orgasm quicker. Thankfully, the answer is.. *drumroll* it does! The balm mostly has a simple cooling effect which is what allows for it to create increased stimulation. It is also slightly tingly, but this is mostly felt on my clitoris rather than my nipples. All that really matters though, is that it feels simply amazing, and while I can’t confirm it lets me orgasm quicker, it certainly gets me there and allows for it to feel better than ever.

Since I’m still working this into my routine, I tend to mostly use it solo, since I can put it on beforehand or stop what I’m doing to go get it, which is a lot easier than having to stop spontaneous sex to go find a tiny tin that could potentially be anywhere. Since my nipples don’t really feel the balm without further stimulation from my partner, I only really use it on my clitoris. Sometimes when I masturbate I don’t start touching straight away, I like to just imagine or watch porn for awhile and feel myself become horny first. So my favourite time to use the balm is during this. It means that while I’m not touching myself in any way, I already have stimulation going on down there, and it feels damn good. Later, when I’m ready I start, and since I’ve already been warmed up by it, I cum fast and shockingly well. It’s great with a wand massager too, as well as vaginal toys.

As for using it with a partner, it is hard to find words to express how good it makes me feel. The only flaw to this really is that there isn’t enough of it, and that I don’t have it on me at all times, but I can’t really blame the manufacturer for that. Pausing sex for things is one of my biggest pet-peeves, as I’m sure it is for most people, but I will happily do it for this. Sadly, I am not a huge fan of having it on my nipples, it feels good but needs further stimulation, and if my partner was to use his mouth I would probably then avoid his kisses which isn’t worth the minor sensations the balm gives me there. But, on my clit, it’s a whole different story. It adds a whole other level of pleasure to the already most pleasurable act around. I thrive off clitoral stimulation, but I usually like to enjoy the act of sex before I start getting myself to orgasm. This balm allows me to feel amazing down there, without taking away from the experience of penetration or distracting me. While I don’t think I could cum with just its effects, it really does make it easier for me to get there in the end.

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The tin that comes with the balm is both attractive, and incredibly discreet. While it does say ‘For Her Pleasure’ on the front, it’s quite small and unnoticeable. I’m 99% sure if I handed it to a guy and told him to put it somewhere for me he wouldn’t check or read what it is, and a women would only notice if she was seriously interested in what the product was for herself. But if it wasn’t for those three words, and the extremely tiny ‘’ at the bottom of the back of the tin, it would be able to pass completely for lip balm. Even upon opening it, the balm is white and translucent when removed, the same as regular, and the only odd thing is how strongly it’s scented. Furthermore it’s tiny, and is very similar to Lush’s Lip Tint tins. I also usually only need to apply as much as I would with lip balm, so if you are wondering how quickly this would run out, think about how long your lip gloss lasts you and how much you’ll be using this compared to that. You might notice in the pictures though, it kind of looks like the front sticker, the one with the pin-up girl on it, is covering something. If you picked up on this, then congratulations, you’re right. I didn’t notice this till taking the photos, but the front is actually a sticker covering the original design, the one that is now on the ‘Mint’ Edition. I guess they reused the tins, so at least if you prefer that design you can get her even with the Watermelon flavour. Otherwise, metal feels very plasticky, not that this effects much, and the lid comes off fairly easily, although when I received it there was hygienic protective sealant over the balm to keep it protected. And, of course, it goes without saying the pin up design is amazing. I almost wish it was just lip gloss so I could show it off more.

The balm is fast acting, and begins to stimulate almost immediately upon application. I find once I’ve orgasmed, the balm looses effect. If I continue to stimulate myself however, it still works somewhat, although it’s best to reapply. On areas like my hands, it dries quickly, and while it doesn’t dry around the vagina, it feels pleasant and mixes with my own juices rather than gross or tacky. Unfortunately, the balm is not condom safe, so if this is your form of contraception I would highly recommend only using it for foreplay and not when penetrative sex is planned. When applying, just swirl your finger against it until the balm heats up slightly and then will come away with ease.

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My Orgasm Balm is now sitting on my bed-side table, and I don’t see it going away into my sex toy drawer anytime soon. Since receiving it, I have rarely masturbated without its use, and I can’t see myself beginning to change that. Sex with it is also a whole greater experience, and so it seems this balm will become as integrated into my sexual life as much as products like lube are. I would highly recommend this stimulator to anyone who asks, and I know that when mine runs out, I will be promptly purchasing a new one.

Sadly Pin Ups Jayne Bombshell Orgasm Balm in Watermelon and Chocolate have been discontinued, but you can still buy Mint and Cherry for just $12.95 AUD / $8.99 USD at Lovehoney

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  1. Chelsea amanda
    February 4, 2017 at 3:05 pm (1 year ago)

    I’ve never been into flavored products. They all taste so artificial.


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