Book Review: How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar

How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar2 copy

As a queer women, eating pussy is something that interests me very much. I’ve never done it and currently being in a straight monogamous relationship I don’t see myself starting any time soon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to still learn and it’s always good to be prepared! Plus, I knew any tips I picked up I could relay onto my partner. Due to this I was super excited when author Amy J. Fillmore approached me to review her new book, How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar, for her.


Book Review: Coming Out Like A Porn Star

Coming Out Like A Porn Star

“Coming Out Like A Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy” is a fascinating look into the world of porn stars and their personal experiences in coming out to their family, as well as in their everyday lives, plus how they deal with the repercussions porn work brings due to the stigma society holds over it. It is edited by Jiz Lee, who has been in more than 200 porn projects over ten years, and the book features a diverse range of over 50 contributors, such as Stoya, Nina Hartley, Annie Sprinkle and Joanna Angel. (more…)