I Love Sex

Almost everybody does. It is something so natural and universal that we all take part in, yet for some reason it is locked away behind closed doors rather than celebrated. Society’s refusal to discuss or acknowledge this aspect that effects all our lives has resulted in a general lack of sex education and sex positivity around the world.

But I want to help change that. Sex should be celebrated. If we open up and actually talk about it not only will it result in us all having better sex (and who doesn’t want that?) but also safer and more intimate sex.

If you are a sex-positive person (or want to be) this blog is for you.

One of my favourite gateways to better sex is sex toys. It may seem counterintuitive but really it’s not. Sex toys help us to really understand what our own bodies enjoy, and once this information is transferred onto partnered sex you’re really going to have a good time. Plus, so many sex toys can easily be used together, widening the possibilities of your love making.

Sex toys today, however, are a 15 billion dollar industry, so how are you suppose to find one that you’ll like? That’s where I come in.

My Mission

  • To always provide completely honest reviews to ensure you know exactly what is worth your money.
  • To help spread education about sex around the globe, but particularly in my home country of Australia which can often feel disconnected from the rest of the world.
  • To seek out those who hold similar values to me and help support them through my blog.

My Values

Who Am I?

My name is Grace and I am a sex-positive feminist from Melbourne, Australia. I am a cis queer women in my early twenties who has been in a monogamous relationship for three years now.

I started this blog shortly after buying my first sex toy, but without the proper education to know what not to buy. I got sick from it, and overall it was a pretty nasty experience. After that I dedicated myself to helping to educate those around me in the hopes that no one would have to go through what I did.

Since then I have been featured in the Sexual Health Expo Magazine, ranked Number 38 on Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2016, as well as Number 7 on their Top New Sex Blogs of 2016, and I continue to rank within the Top 100 on their list. I have also collaborated with and created partnerships and friendships with the most ethical manufacturers and retailers of adult goods around.

When I’m not working on the blog, you can find me being a full-time student or running my own unrelated business. In my time off I enjoy cooking, eating, and watching a good sci-fi movie with an even better glass of whisky.

Wondering where to start?

First, check out my body information page to learn about my vulva, vagina and butt, so you know what they enjoy best and how similar they are your own.

Perhaps then check out my toy-box if there is a particular toy you have in mind to learn about. Alternatively just take a look at my review categories to see if there are any topics of interest to you.

You could also check out what special deals I have for you right now, or what my favourite stores to buy from are.

If you are a business looking to work with me please first read my policies page and then head on over to my contact page.