• Butt Plugs for Beginners2

    Butt Plugs for Beginners

    Butt plugs are one of my absolute favourite types of sex toys, so I thought it was about time I wrote a guide on how to use them.

  • The Vamp

    The Vamp by Tantus

    “If I were to pinpoint the most surprising thing I have found out about my body since starting this sex toy journey, it would be that I have a really small vagina.”

  • Magic Wand Rechargable
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Review: Unbound Subscription Box

Unbound Subscription Box Review 1

I love subscription boxes. They’re one of my favourite things to splurge my money on. There’s really nothing more fun than once a month or so getting a box of goodies sorta unexpectedly delivered to your door, and then ripping into it to discover what treasures lie inside. Before them the only time I got a bunch of gifts in this way was during christmas or my birthday, so basically getting a subscription box makes it feel like christmas multiple times a year, who wouldn’t want that? (more…)

Book Review: How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar

How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar2 copy

As a queer women, eating pussy is something that interests me very much. I’ve never done it and currently being in a straight monogamous relationship I don’t see myself starting any time soon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to still learn and it’s always good to be prepared! Plus, I knew any tips I picked up I could relay onto my partner. Due to this I was super excited when author Amy J. Fillmore approached me to review her new book, How To Eat Pussy Like A Rockstar, for her.


First Blogiversary Giveaway!


It is my first blogiversary!!! I’m super proud and pumped that my little blog is finally one year old. On the one hand I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t blogging, it feels like forever, but on the other hand, damn that went quick!! I’ve absolutely loved writing reviews, taking photos and getting to experience so many new things this year that are all due to this blog. Thank you so much to anyone who has ever read anything I’ve written, and especially to the people who come back time and time again and have actually bought things due to my recommendations, your trust makes my world go round! (more…)

Review: Rechargeable Magic Wand


I’m a wand girl. I like clit vibrators and use them often, but nothing is quite the same as a wand massager. They were my first type of vibrator and still my most used today. I started off with the Wanachi Mini, and looking back on it, damn was it weak, but when I first got it I loved it to bits and used it to death (literally). Next I got the Fairy Wand, which I still hope to review sometime. Again it was clearly pretty weak, but still a huge upgrade from the Wanachi and for a good year or so it was named my Number 1 Favourite Toy. I use to switch between the two constantly, depending on whether I wanted to use the weak but cordless Wanachi, which was far easier to pull out quickly during spontaneous play sessions, or the Fairy Wand, which was more powerful but I had to plug in (which where I use to live was really, really annoying). (more…)

Review: Lovehoney Booty Buddy

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Review copy

This is my second review on my quest to track down ‘good quality cheap beginner’s butt plugs’. My first review on the subject was a success, but it wasn’t the most easily accessible plug to buy online or in stores, especially if you weren’t in the UK. So I spent some time searching through Lovehoney’s great selection of silicone beginner’s plugs. I was presently surprised to see that the large majority of their range was $20 and under, which for me personally is a price I’m totally ok to spend on something without having to think it over very much. Out of all of them I was most drawn to the Booty Buddy since until now I did not own any curved plugs and I was super eager to give it a go. (more…)

External Review: We-Vibe Tango II


Next month is a big one for this blog, it is my first year blog anniversary! I’m super excited for it, and have been planning some big changes to my blog to celebrate, among other announcements I will share in the coming weeks! One of the main changes however, is that I am hoping to make my site more Australian friendly, since I feel like we don’t get much representation down here, and I’d love to help fix that. So I was completely delighted at the start of this month to announce my new site sponsor, Cupid’s Cupboard, a brilliant Australian sex toy store that sells only the best body safe brands at crazy good shipping prices ($8.95 flat rate, but free with orders over $50)! Anyway, when they asked me what toy I could review for them out of their excellent range, it was a total no-brainer. (more…)

Book Review: Coming Out Like A Porn Star

Coming Out Like A Porn Star

“Coming Out Like A Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy” is a fascinating look into the world of porn stars and their personal experiences in coming out to their family, as well as in their everyday lives, plus how they deal with the repercussions porn work brings due to the stigma society holds over it. It is edited by Jiz Lee, who has been in more than 200 porn projects over ten years, and the book features a diverse range of over 50 contributors, such as Stoya, Nina Hartley, Annie Sprinkle and Joanna Angel. (more…)

Review: Satin by Sliquid


My vagina likes to be picky, and so when it comes to lubricant, there is only one brand I trust, Sliquid. I’ve been totally smitten with their Sea and Sassy lubes for almost a year now, using Sassy for my anal play, and Sea for everything else. Plus, they really do go a long way, my two bottles are only 125ml each, which really doesn’t look like a lot, but despite using them both almost weekly, each has over half left. Even though I couldn’t imagine needing anything more than these, with the Sliquid range I do get the overwhelming sense that I’ve gotta catch try ’em all.  (more…)

Review: Vamp by Tantus

The Vamp

If I were to pinpoint the most surprising thing I have found out about my body since starting this sex toy journey, it would be that I have a really small vagina. By that, I mean that while I have an average looking one, and have a little above average depth, my vagina’s opening is very small, meaning I have a lot of trouble with above average girth toys. I still hope to one day be a Size Queen (a term used by bloggers who enjoy big toys) like a lot of my other favourite sex toy bloggers and be able to enjoy some of their favourites, but right now that’s not the case, I’m more like a Size Princess at the moment. (more…)

Guide: Butt Plugs for Beginners


Butt plugs are easily one of my favourite types of toy and my most reviewed, so they are of course what I get asked about most often. As such, I thought it was about time I finally wrote a beginner’s guide to butt plugs. This’ll have some relevant information regarding anal sex and using anal dildos, but is primarily a guide on plug type toys, so please only use it in that regard.


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